General characteristics of our software:

  • Software development with .net Microsoft technology.
  • Multi-user environment using transactional integrity control. This feature prevents saving corrupted or incomplete data after a server or web failure.
  • Microsoft SQL database-storing capabilities with integrated security.
  • Multi-layer security preventing unauthorised system access. Using the Windows login feature and the program login, besides from the MAC recognizance of the PC.
  • Logbook automatic creation, registering every user's activity. Displays username, activity, access PC, IP number, date and time.
  • Sandbox mode included, easing testing for complex operations and learning for users.
  • Remote system control feature from any internet conected PC.
  • ClickOnes remote update technology, alowing for a faster program instalation and maintenance. Just by opening the program, updates are automatically fetched up and installed if any. Replacing the old-fashoned way where the techichian has to install the program in each of the company's PC.
  • Modern modular progressive-growth technology featuring Drag & Drop capabilities.
  • A.I. based support for unusual and complex operations.
  • System appearance personalization (Skins) and custom report-making technology, depending on the company and user.
  • User-configurable dynamic notifications system. Multiple filter based groupings in order to ease data analysis and create customizable active data reports.
  • Easy-to-use data exporting technology to Excel, PDF, printing and Emailing.

Main developed software programs

Pedagogical management software:

Software solution for the schooling management as a whole. Covering every area of educational institutions, such as:

  • Automated electronic invoicing for managing thousands of students.
  • Supplier payment management.
  • Income management throughout multiple companies (VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Etc.).
  • Accounting.
  • Customizable mass Email sending for Email campaigns or individual communications. Automatic electronic invoices sending.
  • Pedagogical management of students, academic grades, absences, etc.
  • Facilies management and reservation

Comercial management software:

Software solution for the generation and issuance of electronic legal vouchers, inventory management and debtors and creditors management.

  • Issuance of electronic invoices.
  • Creation of electronic taxation vouchers, income, and expense statements. Valid for local tax authorities.
  • Inventory management and critically low inventory levels notification.
  • Costs and taxes calculations.
  • Current account of suppliers and clients.
  • Listing of debtits and credits.
  • Statistics.

Inflationary adjustment software:

Inflation accounting adjustment calculation according to local regulations.

  • Automatic data fetching from third party systems.
  • Generation of inflation adjustment seats.
  • Data displaying for control and analysis of incidents.

Human resources management software:

Software solution for the management of salaries, wages, childcare leave, work permits and other HR subjects.

  • Automatic data fetching from third party systems.
  • Automatic calculation of annual leave.
  • Paid and unpaid leave registry with voucher documents attachment feature.
  • Statistics.
  • Financial and managerial reports and summaries for the HR department and regulatory labor agencies.

Tax maturities sofware:

Tax maturities control sofware. It automatically calculates when each taxpayer's taxes are due.

  • Multi-company system. Ideal feature for accounting firms.
  • Automatic generation of tax maturities.
  • Notifications and alerts of upcoming maturities.
  • Compliance records making and storing.
  • Digital receipts storage.

Treasury handling software:

General software for operating and managing a treasury.

  • Issuance of payment orders.
  • Management of authorizations for the approval of documents and payments.
  • Cash balances.
  • Supervision.
  • Various reports and statistics.

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